Datacenter Management

Furtherance of development calls for intricate IT infrastructure. Lot of time is deployed into ensuring that your IT is in competent succession by you. To add to this, there are loads of other concerns piled up. Like energy costs, server utilization, limited physical space & IT staff and numerous vendors. This makes it the apt time for Fenix Data Solutions to step in & help you out in simplifying your IT infrastructure. With uncertainties enveloping the market your IT system is prone to abrupt breakdowns. As a result of which an expert hand is essentially required.

Our data centers are spread globally at various places like United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, India and across 8000 locations in 125 different countries.

Our world class datacenters are enabled with the following capabilities:
  • Zone 2 seismic code construction
  • 24 x 7 manned security and closed-circuit video recording
  • High level of system security not only because of firewalls, anti-virus and anti spam, but also at system design level because of server allocation and database design
  • Full environment monitoring and alerts
  • Equipment receiving and storage facility
  • Redundant power supplies, UPSs and generators
  • Automatic transfer switches to ensure smooth transition to back-up power
  • High speed Cisco powered network
  • Emergency contact procedures
  • Onsite situation-management facility
  • SAS 70 Availability
And a lot more that provides a leading edge to your business.

We have a variety of services right from remote network management to advancing your operating system, data center management to running anti-viruses along with regular back-ups of your vital data. This ensures that you are able to focus strategically while we provide round the clock services to you. Hence, we deliver precise information and diminish downtime by leveraging our ability to apply the appropriate standards and governance to your systems.

Our services under IT infrastructure management include
  • Remote Network Monitoring & Management Services
  • Providing Network Architecture Services such as reviewing clients existing network infrastructure.
  • Perceiving their current & future requirements.
  • Device availability & network performance.
  • Structuring the Network Strategy.
  • Accounting for network & fault management.

Data Centre Management Services
  • Management of servers on networks like LAN, WAN, or VPN.
  • Administering of WAN (Routers, Switches (L2/L3).
  • Managing of VPN devices.
  • Among other services are technical & change management support to process optimization and disaster recovery.
  • Maintenance services relating to Application servers.
  • Troubleshooting of any kind including system slow down performance issues.
  • Data system Back-ups, operating system updations, running antivirus etc.
Continuous system integration and improvement

We do not merely take your systems and maintain them. We work with you to revamp your system to condense your total cost of ownership. We also apply the preeminent practices and insights that we have and continue to gain and apply those best practices to perk up your systems, resulting in further dipping your total cost of ownership.

Proactive monitoring and preemptive maintenance

Several hosting companies provide monitoring services and support. They notify you if a problem transpire and then your IT team has to act on that information. We are different! We proactively monitor your systems and if we notice any predicament, we actually fix it so that your systems can continue to run smoothly. We also believe in preemptive maintenance. E.g. We do not wait till the disk fails we fix it at the first sign of snag.

Precisely, we are a combination of system integrator, hosting provider and systems operator. As such, we are involved in the design phase, build phase and operation phase of the Data Center for your mission critical applications. Since we are the ones accountable for operations, we make sure that the design and build are done properly unlike a systems integrator who would design a system, but will not be present if, a problem occurs in the other two phases. Whereas, we are there with you in the other two phases as well.